KKW2013 Competition

SBBC has launched a competition both at Bertie Barnard Primary and at Melkhoutfontein Primary.

Closing date: 28 March 2013.

Entry forms were handed out at Bertie Barnard and will be handed out at Melkhoutfontein soon, but if you’ve lost your entry you can download it again below. (Make sure you download the correct school and correct age group!)

Bertie Barnard:

Grades R – 2 : Download here!

Grades 3 – 5: Download here!

Grades 6 – 7: Download here!


Grades R – 2 : Download here!

Grades 3 – 5: Download here!

Grades 6 – 7: Download here!

New Website!

Welcome to Still Bay Baptist’s new website!

Our previous host (posterous.com) is closing shop, so we have rebuilt the website on wordpress. (That’s fancy talk to say: the address stays the same, the stuff on the backend changed)

Please be patient as we move the old sermon archive over to this new site.