Search for Life

New groups will be starting soon. Please contact us if you’d like to join future groups

Human beings are spectacular, puzzling, brilliant and broken.

Why do so many contradictions exist in our lives?

Everyone needs to understand the power of our internal cry for acceptance, value and belonging.   Everyone needs to understand the cause of our most basic struggles and find a solution to them.

Without insight and answers to the human dilemma individuals resort to inadequate and destructive patterns of behaviour to address feelings of low self esteem, inadequacy, emptiness and insecurity.  This program identifies the cause of so many human tensions and introduces participants to the healing power of truth in a caring and safe environment.

More information here. Still Bay Baptist is a partner church of Careforce Lifekeys


Search for Life – Facilitator’s Training

Please contact us if you’d like to join future groups. You need to have completed “Search for Life” to qualify for Facilitator’s Training.

This program has been developed by the Board of Management whose members are qualified in the areas of social work, psychology, teaching and theology.

The curriculum aims to lay a sound information base in behavioural, emotional, and spiritual aspects of Recovery. Practical group work with development of related skills is a strong component of this course.

Sessions include:

  • Theological Foundations of Recovery
  • The Arena of Healing
  • Core Issues in Recovery
  • The Cycle of Addiction
  • Family Systems
  • Grief and Loss
  • How Healing Comes
  • The Role of a Facilitator
  • Stages of a Group

3 thoughts on “Ministries

    • Hi Sandra! If you are able to drive through to Stilbaai once a week (for about 10 weeks) you’ll be able to attend. (Attendance at every session is very important). I’m not aware of another church in Mossel Bay that present Search for Life, it’s only us and Common Ground who are partner churches with them. (

      The lady who facilitates the course has just had an operation, but we can let you know when the next course will start.

      • Thanks Carel-J, I won’t be able to attend but it sounded like a good program. Blessings, enjoy.

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