Worship Service: 14 June 2020




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1) Preparation and Prayer

Good morning!

Read the following Psalm as a prayer in preparing your heart for meeting with God.

Psalm 97:10–12 (ESV)
97:10 O you who love the LORD, hate evil! He preserves the lives of his saints; He delivers them from the hand of the wicked.
97:11 Light is sown for the righteous, and joy for the upright in heart.
97:12 Rejoice in the LORD, O you righteous, and give thanks to his holy name!


2) Announcements

    • 17th Pat Tavener;
    • 20th Denise Sanders
  • IN NEED.  If you experience any need at the moment, whether it is financial or for essential goods please let Carel-J know.   Under lockdown level 3 I’m an essential worker (!) so if you need me to come and visit you, please let me know!
  • Bible studies:
    • The Wednesday morning Bible study has started with online meetings with Jitsi. Please contact Carel-J if you’d like to join in.
    • The Sunday evening Bible study has moved to Monday and is also using Jitsi for online meetings.  Please contact Craig Boswell if you’d like to join.
    • The teenagers meet on Tuesday afternoons for an online Bible study. If you know any teenagers who would like to join, please let Carel-J know
  • HELP BADISA BY MAKING SOUP. Badisa hands out soup 6 days a week in Melkhoutfontein. If you are able to make and donate soup to them, please contact their offices 0839735772. They still hand out parcels to needy families in Stilbaai and Melkhoutfontein; if you’d like to donate to this place items in the trolleys designated for this at Spar and OK.
  • King’s Kids Week CANCELLED. King’s Kids Week would’ve started tomorrow! We pray for God’s blessing that we can present another King’s Kids Week next year.
  • NO SUNDAY SERVICES AT CHURCH HALL YET. We have decided NOT to start our Sunday large-group gatherings under the current regulations. Until we are able to meet again, we will continue with church-in-each-home (online church).

3) Testimonies

Please record yourself sharing a testimony and send it to me, so that we can include it in these services.

This can easily be done inside Whatsapp:
1) Open a chat window with me by clicking on my name. (If you don’t have me on Whatsapp, you’ll have to add me: Carel-J 0840717663)
2) Click on the camera icon at the bottom
3) Click on the reverse icon (🔄) to use front-facing camera
4) Hold in the big circle to record a video.

4) Offering

If God leads you to support our ministry, you can either EFT the money into our account (details below) or if you do not have access to EFT, please contact Bruce Waldek to assist you. (Bruce Waldek 076 595 9325).

Still Bay Baptist
ABSA Acc no. 40-8681-9877
Branch code 632005
Acc Type : Business Cheque

5) Praise Singing

Let us fill our homes with praise singing to our almighty God!

6) Prayer

Spend time in prayer.

  • People on the bulletin to pray for: Carol Malan, Andries and Amanda Horn, Salome Odendaal
  • People to pray for:
    • Pastor Neil Tobin’s family (He was the pastor at Portlands Baptist in Mitchell’s Plain). He died Saturday morning from COVID-19.  neil tobin Annotation 2020-06-13 162630
    • Other Baptist family in Cape Town who are sick with COVID-19. Dr Kennedy Mulenga (Cape Town Baptist Seminary Lecturer) was rushed to hospital early Saturday morning as he was having difficulty breathing because of COVID-19. He is now in ICU.
    • Denise and Jeff Sanders. Denise tested positive for COVID-19. They have been tested again and are waiting for the results. Please cover them in your prayer as well as the people they had contact with.
    • Cornelia Schoombie went to the doctor who told her that her blackouts are due to blood pressure issues. She is on medication.
    • Veronica Grieve and others who are not able to run their businesses during this level of the lockdown.
    • Joy Delport’s daughter Anne-Marie who is sick in England (possibly with COVID-19) is finally starting to feel better after a month. Joy thanks everyone for their prayers.
    • Lex Schwartzel. Lex is really struggling and his mind is often not clear. Thanks be to God that he is in safe care at Huis Stilbaai
    • Sharn Brummer’s back is still very sore
    • Alta Ferreira’s mom (96y) had the plaster of Paris changed on her arm and she is going for X-rays on Friday. Please pray as she is not able to receive visitors while in Huis Stilbaai.
    • George and Lesley Blumrick are looking for jobs to help them financially during the lockdown
    • Martha, Godwin, Desiree (Yvonne Roth’s daughter), Garness
  • Praise God.
    • For the rain
    • For a blessed Zoom (online) Mannekamp this weekend.
    • That the schools were able to start and the grade 7s  and 12s have gone back.
  • Pray for the 3 things we want to pray for every day
    1) Spiritual health. Pray for God to strengthen, encourage and grow his church. Pray for people to turn to God.
    2) Physical health Pray for God to have mercy on Stilbaai, SA, Africa and the world. For healing and protection from infection.
    3) Emotional health. Pray against anxiety, loneliness, fear and depression.
  • Prayer for today:
    • Pray for missionaries. Ask God if He wants you to personally start supporting one of the missionaries financially.
    • See below the missionaries our church supports


7) Message

You can open your Bible to Philippians 2:1-2 before clicking on the video below. 🙂

8) Final Hymn

9) Blessing

Read this out loud as a blessing over yourself and your family

2 Thessalonians 3:16 (ESV)
Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times in every way. The Lord be with you all.


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