Worship Service:17 January 2021

Flourish through joyful obedience


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1) Preparation and Prayer

Good morning! 

Read the following Psalm as a prayer in preparing your heart for meeting with God.

“And now, O Lord, for what do I wait? My hope is in You.
Deliver me from all my transgressions.


Psalm 39:7–8 (ESV)

2) Announcements

  1. No worship services at the hall until it is allowed again and safe to do so.

    • PLEASE do not use this time to self-isolate. Stay safe by avoiding groups of people, but a good idea is to invite someone else to come and do online church with you on a Sunday morning.
    • 23rd Willie van Staden
    • None
  4. NEEDING HELP?  If you are struggling emotionally and spiritually and you are needing counseling, please contact Carel-J.
    If you have any physical needs, please contact Carel-J or one of the elders.
    • Carel-J and family will be on leave for the following days:
      • Tuesday 19 Jan
      • Wednesday 20 Jan
      • Tuesday 26 Jan
      • Thursday 28 Jan
    • If you need help on these days, please contact one of the elders.
  6. PLAN TO HELP THOSE WHO GET SICK WITH COVID-19. We want to help those who need to self-quarantine due to being sick with COVID-19 or who have been in contact with someone who tested positive. This involves two things:
    a) If you do get sick or need to quarantine, please let us know. Let us know what type of help you need. E.g. help with buying your groceries, deliver meals, etc.
    b) We’ll need volunteers who will be able to help with the above (buying / making and delivering food). If you are able to assist in this way, please let Carel-J know.
  7. BADISA FOOD PARCELS – Badisa knows of many vulnerable, poor families who are not able to provide for themselves during these times. They pack and deliver food parcels to these families. You can help by buying and placing non-perishable items in the containers provided at SPAR and OK

3) Testimonies

Please record yourself sharing a testimony and send it to me, so that we can include it in these services.

This can easily be done inside Whatsapp:
1) Open a chat window with me by clicking on my name. (If you don’t have me on Whatsapp, you’ll have to add me: Carel-J 0840717663)
2) Click on the camera icon at the bottom
3) Click on the reverse icon (🔄) to use front-facing camera
4) Hold in the big circle to record a video.

4) Offering


If God leads you to support our ministry, you can either EFT the money into our account (details below) or if you do not have access to EFT, please contact Bruce Waldek to assist you. (Bruce Waldek 076 595 9325).

Still Bay Baptist
ABSA Acc no. 40-8681-9877
Branch code 632005
Acc Type : Business Cheque


5) Prayer

We are placing prayer before the singing, because we want our singing to be a praiseful response to all the blessings that you’ll read about below!

  • PEOPLE ON THE BULLETIN to pray for: Shane, Kealla and Kai Pratt, Daniela de Jager, Neil and Elsa Pienaar

    • Update about Sue (Delene’s sister): “We are overwhelmed with praise and gratitude for how graciously our precious Saviour and God has answered our prayers! I do not have adequate words! She’s been given a clean bill of health! No cancer. THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!!!” 
      • From Sue: “thank everyone for their prayers , I am overwhelmed with gratitude to our Lord and for all the prayers🙌🙏”
    • Update about Louis and Adriaan (from Alwyn): They are both doing better, but still sick and on the road of healing. 
    • Update about Geoff (Penny’s brother): “Just wanted to thank you and everyone for praying for my brother. The Dr says his lungs are healing and he is making good progress. He has to stay a while still till he can breathe on his own, but it is good news, and I am very thankful to the Lord for bringing Geoff and his family through thus far.”
    • Update about Amanda Horn’s father’s cancer.: “I don’t even know how to start this message except to say thank you so much for the overwhelming amount of love, support and prayers you guys have shared with me and my family. As you know, they gave him six months to live with the type of cancer he had and the aggressive nature in which it had already moved from rectal cancer to his lymphnodes, liver and smaller area around the body. He had lost 30lbs and was declining fast. I could physically see his body starting to shut down that last week or two before he started chemo.

      They have him on two very strong chemos and an immunotherapy (which was denied by insurance because he has a six months life expectancy and it is presumably too valuable to “waste” on a dying man??). It has been 3 months since he started this regimen.

      Dad had his second PET scan on Monday and got his results from the Oncologist yesterday. The Dr says he can see NO EVIDENCE of cancer in my Dads body. …. WHAT?????????

      When he first came, the initial rectal tumor was about an inch big, we didn’t know it at the time but when he had his PET scan a month later it had grown to the size of a grapefruit and spread other “seeds” of cancer. I think the Dr. knew we were scared enough as it was and probably didn’t need the “grapefruit” knowledge at the time.

      When my parents heard the news yesterday they couldn’t believe it. They kept asking over and over… is this real? Is it possible?? The Dr says… well you are the proof it can happen! When asked what were the chances of this happening, the Dr said maybe 1%, it is a miracle.

      God has been so so so gracious to us. It should not be humanly possible for my Dad to have no visible evidence of cancer in his body. So… we are giving all the Glory to God and thanking Him for the great Drs and healthcare and wisdom that has been used in helping heal my Dad.

      That being said, he is not out of the woods yet. Although they can not “see” the cancer there, it does not mean there are not little minuscule seeds hanging about that can start the process all over again and 2 months from now we are right back where we started. So the Dr. has said he will keep Dad on immunotherapy and chemo but at a slightly reduced dosage as his body (especially his bone marrow) is taking a serious toll. After this they will do another scan and if clear, I believe he may be free to go. I guess that has not been discussed yet, but that is my assumption.

      Our family has been in shock. We have gone from… imagining life, marriages, kids, major events without a Dad, to imagining him back in all of those pictures. Dad says he is disappointed not to be going home to heaven, but very glad to have more time here with us. Our worlds have been rocked and it feels like life will not be the same again.

      I want to encourage you all to take some time to think about the truly important things in your lives and to make sure that you make them a priority. We hear this all the time… but when you imagine life without those around you… it changes your perspective immensely. We are beings that need connection and love and yet we so often turn on a TV show or “don’t have time”. Please make the conscious choice to make time for your people, hug them, and say I love you as often as you can, without shame or hesitation.

      The next three months are going to be critical. I want so badly to believe Dad is 100% healed but a part of me is scared to trust it. I feel guilty because God has shown us this miracle and who am I to question it when we have been praying for – if it is Gods will, please heal him. It is a miracle regardless… even if it is a 3 month, 1 year or 10 year miracle. Miracles happen all around us, we just need to be open to see how God is working in our lives… this particular one, can not be ignored though. Even our amazing Dr. says so! 😉

      Thank you all for your love for us and please continue to think and pray for my Dad over these next couple of critical months. Chemo is hard… but living is worth it. 😉

    • Update about Jemma and Paul (from Jenna’s gran):

      Some good news.  Jemma is home and looks wonderful and so happy to be home.  I had a lovely chat from the driveway with her in the upstairs window,  full of chat and so cheerful.  I find her a total inspiration.  She is still battling a bit to keep her food down so eats little by little.   The whole house was disinfected and she has to remain isolated for 3 months.  She is not allowed to touch the cats!


      I have just heard from Annalize and Paul [Jemma’s parents] is doing well “ Hi guys, just got an update from nurse!  Paul doing well.  He was on 90% oxygen is on 70% now and his oxygen levels are on 98% which is really good. We pray that it stays this way or better!!!!” “ The nurse says he is very positive and cooperates with all he has to do , exercise, etc”


      So good news and I don’t have to feel sick every time the phone goes.  This was all stressful and distressing beyond description and I pray none of you ever have to go through this.  My heart aches for all the families who have suffered loss and illness through this awful unpredictable disease.”


    • Update from Jan Pieterse: Thank you for the prayers for Dirk and Lydia. There son was born on Friday afternoon, weighing a healthy 3.7kg. Praise God for His goodness and new life.

    • HEALTH PROBLEMS Pray for people dealing with health issues: Martha, Godwin, Garness, Magriet, Lex, Gemma Sainsbury, Yvonne and her daughter Desiree
      • Please pray for Gert and Elsa’s grandchild, Willem Kruger, who has been struggling with high fever this past week.
    • PRAY FOR OTHER SICK PEOPLE. Pray for those struggling with cancer. Pray for those who are in hospital at the moment who are not allowed visitors. Pray that they’ll experience God’s presence, comfort and healing.
    • COVID-19:
      • Pray for everyone who is sick or recovering from COVID-19. Praise God for those who recovered
      • Pray for businesses affected by the lockdown. Pray for all the workers who need to interact with people all day long (tellers, assistants, cleaners, health workers, municipal workers): pray for their protection from the virus
    • Erna and Craig in China. Pray that they’ll be able to return safely on Wednesday.

6) Praise Singing

Because we have so many things to praise God for (see Prayers below), we’ll just be singing praise songs today, making much of God.



7) Message 


8) Final Hymn


9) Blessing

Read this out loud as a blessing over yourself and your family

2 Thessalonians 3:16 (ESV)
Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times in every way. The Lord be with you all.


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